appiled_01Applied Sciences and Humanities are the foundation of all engineering courses. These subjects play a vital role in engineering education and make the students receptive of engineering subjects related with various disciplines. Students of all the disciplines, in the first year of their studies learn basic sciences and humanities.

Our Polytechnic has full time lecturers in Applied Science and Humanities department and these are:

Applied Chemistry -Ms. Shewta Khurana
Applied Physics – Ms. Anju and Mr. Ankush Sharma
Applied Mathematics – Mrs. Manju Bala and Mrs. Poonam Goyal
English and Communication Skills – Mrs. Pratiba and Mrs. Sharanjit Kaur

The department is working efficiently under the able stewardship of Mrs. Manju. She takes keen interest in the overall development of the department . with her superb leadership qualities she is rendering valuable service and the department is flourishing under her supervision.

Regular Features
NITTTR (National Institute of Tech. Teacher’s Training And Research. ) Chandigarh conducts Workshops (STC) for Teacher to update their knowledge time to time to make them aware about the new techniques, technology & implementation of new research works and inventions.

  • HOD 01
  • Lecturer 06
  • Lab Assistant 02
 Sr.No. Name of faculty Member Designation Qualification E-Mail ID
Manju Bala HOD/Incharge

Applied Science



PG Diploma (Statistics)
Ankush Sharma Lecturer M.Phil(Physics)
Poonam Goyal Lecturer M.Phill(Mathematics)
Pratibha Lecturer M.Phil (English)
Anju Lecturer M.Phill(Physics)
6 Shweta Lecturer M.Phill(Chemistry)
Sharanjit Kaur Lecturer M.A/ M.Phil(English)

Science lab includes Physics lab and Chemistry lab.


appiled_phylabThere is a Physics Lab which fulfills the need of the students of 1st and 2nd semester of all the disciplines. It has a well maintained Dark Room which is equipped with the apparatus as per the requirement of the syllabus prescribed by the State Board of Technical Education.



appiled_chmlabChemistry Lab is well equipped with furniture like Chemical Analysis Racks, tables and stools, glassware and apparatus as per the requirement of State Board Of Technical Education. There is a gas plant to serve fuel to burner, a muffle furnance and oven to conduct related experiments. Also there are analytical and digital balances to conduct experiments of gravimetric analysis.


appiled_COMlabCommunication Skill Lab is equipped with, video-audio recorder, mirrors and computer with printer etc. keeping in view the importance of communication skill special stress has been laid to expose the students for correction of speech and body language of the students.

Contact Person :
Mrs Manju Bala
(Hod /Incharge :Applied Science Deptt )

Address :
Applied Science Department
Mehr Chand Polytechnic College,

Telephone No.:
+91 (181) 2250184 , 9888256464

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