As we know that the psychomotor skills are mastered through practice therefore been extended to students through course. They refine their skill in different trades. The basic skill developed for doing higher order skills jobs and developing general manual and machinery skills and developing of sense of dignity of labour, precision safety at work places, team working and good attitude among the student will also be met.

Diploma technician is expected to know basic workshop practice like, welding, forging, fitting, machine and wood working processes and also control various types of machinery and equipments.

Workshop is backbone of engineering.

Various workshops in deptt:

  1. Machine shop
  2. Turning shop
  3. Fitting shop
  4. Pattern making shop
  5. Carpentry shop
  6. Foundry shop
  7. Welding shop
  8. Smithy shop
  9. Sheet metal shop
  10. Electrical shop Name Designation Email Id’s
1 S. Surjit Singh Workshop Incharge 9914143578
2 S.Tarlok Singh Instructor 9417131639
3 S.Harvinder Singh Instructor 988381975
4 Sh. Durgesh Kumar Instructor 9417397731
5 S. Kulwinder Singh Instructor 9872226333
6 Sh. Mohit Sehdev Instructor 9915328490
7 S. Manmohan Singh Instructor 9592200663
8 S. Inderjit Singh Instructor 9888151519
9 Sh.Naresh Kumar Instructor 7087481000
10 S. Jatinder Singh Instructor 8146696761
11 Sh.Ritesh Instructor 9041200292
12 Sh. Kuldeep Kumar Lab Attendant 7696102642