The word auto-mobile comes,via the French auto-mobile from the ancient Greek word autos, ”self” and the Latin mobiles’(“movable”),meaning a vehicle that moves itself,rather than being pulled or pushed by a separate animal or another vehicle.In fact, automotive engineering is a branch of mechanical engineering which specializes in the manufacture of different types of vehicles. This field makes use of principles from other branches of engineering also such as mechanical, electrical, electronics, software and safety engineering to automate the process of vehicle manufacture and make it a more efficient process.
Auto-mobiles are one of the necessities of modern life. Development &progress of the major ability is based upon the development of modern auto mobiles. Diploma engineers should know about the principles of construction and working of various systems of auto-mobile vehicles. Now a days, many advances in auto-mobile technology have been made like automatic transmission ,MPFI, microprocessor control of auto-mobiles, ant locking braking system, ECM, fuel cell, safety systems etc. A diploma engineer should be conversant with these modern developments. To pace up with time and considering the changing needs of the automobile industries, we have all the modern facilities available. Our Labs are equipped with various models of cars, two wheelers, gears system, engines, steering systems, suspension system, fuel injection systems etc.
As auto-mobile is one of the past growing sectors of the modern world. So there is a huge requirement of auto-mobile engineers in this sector and we are already providing quality engineers to serve the esteemed organizations such as Mahindra & Mahindra TVs motors, Hero Honda, Maruti ,Suzuki, International Tractors Ltd. etc. To meet all the challenges of the modern industries , we are committed to produce quality engineers.

Automobile department has a blend of Dynamic & Senior and Creative young faculty rich with teaching experience, working under the academic leader-ship of Mr. Hira Mahajan, Incharge of department

1st Shift Polytechnic Staff

Name Qualifications Designation Email
Er. Hira Mahajan B.Tech, PD in Automobile Incharge
Er. Tanvir Singh M.Tech (MECH) Lecturer
Er. Sudhanshu Nagpal B.Tech (MECH) Lecturer
Er. Sahil M.Tech (MECH) Lecturer
Er. Balpreet Singh M.Tech (MECH) Lecturer
Er. Sukhjit Singh B.Tech (MECH) Lecturer

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Sh. Hira Mahajan
(Incharge Automobile Engineering Department )

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Automobile Engineering Department
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