Engineers Embryo Club

EEC “Engineers Embryo Club” of Mehr Chand Polytechnic College Jalandhar was established in December 2019 in association with Council of Engineers and Valuers. In this club most of the work related to technology like current researches, Innovations, Inventions etc., workshops, Group Discussions, Debates etc., are being organised for the benefit of the students.
Some of the activities conducted by EEC:

* Workshops on Software related to the respective field.
* Seminars by field experts.
* Technical quiz competitions and certification for recognized bodies and authorized centers.
* Field visits/ industry visits.

Along with this, we also impart in organizational culture encompasses values and behaviors that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of a business.
The organizational culture influences the way people interact, the context within which knowledge is created, the resistance they will have towards certain changes, and ultimately the way they share (or the way they do not share) knowledge.

So towards this organizational culture we help to represents the collective values, beliefs and principles of organizational members. It may also be influenced by factors such as history, type of product, market, technology, and strategy, type of employees, management style, and national culture. Culture includes the organization’s vision, values, norms, systems, symbols, language, assumptions, environment, location, benefits and habits.
A responsible commitment towards the next generation of Engineers ..
Sh. Rajesh Kumar T.P.O. is also looking after EEC as additional charge.

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