Mehr Chand Polytechnic College Arms
you with Life and Carrer

Mehr Chand Polytechnic College is equipped with well organized NCC- Wing attached with 2PB Bn NCC-Jalandhar to prepare & Build 2nd Line Army for the country. It is shaping the youth of country into well behaved , cultured , mentally robust and highly disciplined citizens with officer like qualities to survive in all harsh and tough conditions of life.


To Eradicate the social Evils from Society, various social & adventurous activities are organized in the college. A “Pledge” is taken by Cadets every year for

– Anti Dowry
– Female Fortified
– Old age Help
– Blood  Donation
– Tree  Plantation
– AIDS  Awareness

Aims and Objectives

1. Unity and Discipline
2. Opportunity for Cadets to live and work together.
3. To develop Stamina, Endurance , Self Confidence, Team Spirit, Spirit-de-corps.
4. To meet the requirements of Cadets for NCC-Special Entry Scheme into Armed forces.
5. To impart-Extensive coaching to qualify “Bee” & “Cee” certificate Exams.

Training Camps

To design & develop a “Cadet” into a “Man” & inculpate leadership qualities, various camps are organized by Indian Army.
1. Annual Training Camps (ATC)
2. Army Attachment Camps
3. Thal Sena Camps (TSC)
4. Republic Day Camps (RDC)
5. National Integration Camps (NIC)
6. Mountaineering Camps
7. Youth Exchange Programs (YEP)
8. Cycle Expedition
9. Bee-Certificate Examination
10. Cee-Certificate Examination
11. SSB-Coaching at officer Training Academy (OTA)

Lt. Pankaj Gupta is NCC Commissioned Officer as “ Lieutenant” in Indian Army. He is managing all responsibilities with utmost efforts & patriotic –spirits.