Running Consultancy cell in the  field of testing Building Materials, Building Construction, Geotechnical Field, Surveying, Water Testing and Structural Analysis.


It is the oldest branch of engineering discipline in Mehr Chand Polytechnic College , Jalandhar established in the year 1954. Department of civil engineering offers a broad based diploma programme in civil engineering to matriculate students. The course curriculum is comprehensive and designed properly to provide a sound background to the students in all the areas related to civil engineering field through practical training camps , site visits , theory classes , project work and lab practicals. As a result of immense hardwork of qualified , experienced and committed faculty members since last five decades , the department has acquired position of eminence in the whole of northern India. With the construction boom and the numerous building projects being taken by Indian and multinational companies in the country , the job prospects for civil engineers have grown tremendously in the last quarter of decade. The government is spending millions on infrastructure development for the comfort and safety of its people. This amount is going to multiply many folds in the near future because of various projects in hand of government as well as due to private players also coming in the fray . Civil Engineering is considered to be the ‘ mother of all discipline’. Job of a civil engineer is to co-ordinate a construction project and to integrate activities not only in the areas of design , planning and execution but other important fields like survey , soil testing , quality control, engineering safety, project planning , construction and maintenance of highways , bridges and dam construction etc. The job also involve a considerable amount of filed research and supervision often outdoors under all kinds of weather conditions.

Special IRG Courses Under Student Learning Centre
* Application of Auto CAD in Civil Engg.  * Estimation & Costing of  Buildings in Civil Engineering


HOD : 01
Lecturer : 05
Lab.Asstt : 01
Peon : 01

Staff of Civil Engg Department

1 Dr. Rajeev Bhatia PhD NIT, Jalandhar,M.Tech in Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engg (With Distinction) HOD
2 Dr. Kapil Ohri PhD in Civil Engg,M.Tech in Civil Engg with specialisation in Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engg ( First Division) and Structural Engg ( First Division),B.Tech in Structural Engg and Construction Management, DCE,PGDBM,MBA ( LEET) with specialization in HR and IT Lecturer
3 Er. Rajesh Kumar M.Tech (Structure) Lecturer
4 Er. Jaspal Singh B.Tech Lecturer
5 Er.Amit Khanna M.Tech (Structure engg) Lecturer
6 Er. Kanav Mahajan B.Tech Lecturer

Civil Engineering : Laboratories

The Deptt. has the facility of fully equipped and spacious laboratories. The Deptt. has the following laboratories which are fully equipped with major equipments and machines :
1. Applied Mechanics
2. Civil Engineering Materials
3. Concrete Technology
4. Structural Mechanics (Strength of Materials)
5. Fluid Mechanics (Hydraulics)
6. Soil Engineering
7. Highway Engineering
8. Surveying
9. Water Testing (Public Health)
A month’s compulsory practical training is provided to the students of Civil Engineering in leading construction companies and other organisations after the end of fourth semester. A fortnight survey training camp is also organised in the fifth semester on some hilly or semi hilly tract for the students of Civil Engineering as per study curriculum. A special working project model is designed by the students of sixth semester independently based on fundamental principles, theories, applications and general need and requirements of industry. Recently, a model designed by Civil Engg. students have won Second Prize at National Technical Festival held at NITTTR, Kolkata.


To impart knowledge and excellence in Civil Engineering and Technology with global perspectives to our students and to make them ethically strong, technologically superior and employable to serve the Nation.

Our Mission

To produce Civil Engineering of high caliber , technical skills and ethical values to serve the society and nation. Efforts are going to make the department, a centre of excellence and tp provide knowledge base and consultancy services to the community.

Research Papers

Dr. Jagroop singh, Principal Presented a research paper in a national seminar on 30th April, 2005 at GZS College of Engg. & Tech., Bathinda on the topic “Effect of Fly Ash & Randomly distributed fibres on strength characteristics of Kaolinite” A Research Paper on the topic “Influence of Fly Ash on Strength characteristics of Kaolinite Clay” written by Dr. Jagroop Singh, Principal was published in a leading National Magazine ” New Building & Construction Work” [h3]Publication


Dr. Jagroop Singh


  • Soil & Foundation Engineering
  • Highway Engineering Construction,
  • Management and Accounts, 
  • Earthquake Resistant Building Construction,
  • Practical Mannual of survey Camp


  • Navik Ke Teer (Hindi Short Stories) 
  • Nikke Nikke Suraj (Punjabi Short Stories)
  • Vihi Wala Booha (Punjabi Short Stories)

Dr. Rajiv Bhatia

  • Earthquake Resistant.


The department has the facility of fully equipped and spacious laboratories The department has the following laboratories which are equipped with various major apparatus given in them list

Name of Laboratory 1 2 3 4 5 6
Hydraulics Lab. Bernoulli’s theorem Apparatus Notch Apparatus Francis Turbine Venturimeter Centrifugal Pump  
Conc. Tech/Engg. Material Lab. Digital Compression Testing Machine Vicat’s Apparatus Slump Test Apparatus Compaction Factor Test Apparatus Digital Balances Pycnometer
Survey Lab. Digital Theodolite Digital Level Ceylon Ghat Tracer Pentagraph Micro Planimeter
Soil & Highway Lab. S.P.T Apparatus/ Ductility Apparatus Direct Shear Apparatus (Digital) / Viscometer Automatic Compactor/ Vane Shear Consolidometer (Digital) / Permeability apparatus Los-Angles’s abrasion testing Machine C.B.R Testing Machine
Structural Lab. Universal Testing Machine (digital) U.T.M (Mechanical) Searle’s Apparatus Rockwell Hardness testing Machine Izod Charpy Testing Machine Torsion Testing Apparatus
Environmental Lab. PH Meter BOD Incubator Cond. Meter Jar Test apparatus D.O. Meter TDS meter



Project : 1
“Modernization of Surveying and Transportation Lab”

As Per, File No.: 8017/RDII/MOD/POLY/(108)98-99
Date of Sanction: 1.03.1999
Duration: 2 year
Amount Sanctioned: 9 lakhs

Sr. No.

Name of Equipment

Model & Make

Cost of

Date of


1 Digital Theodolite TOPCON



Experimental work, and training to students

2 Digital Level TOPCON 1,32,00.00 28.03.01
3 Abrasion Testing Machine

ASI Sales

44,550.00 28.03.00
4 Split Spoon Sampler
(Complete Assembly)
HEICO 70,368.00 29.08.02 Experimental Work & Consultancy projects
5 Universal Testing Machine HEICO 4,77,433.00 28.04.02
6 Model (Point and Crossing)

ASI Sales

3,120.00 28.03.01

 For demonstration only

  Total Cost 9,35,471.00    


Project : 2

“Modernisation of Soil Engineering and Survey Lab”
As Per,
File No.: 8020/RID/MODROB-223/2001-02
Date of Sanction: 4.02.2002
Duration: 1 year
Amount Sanctioned: 7.25 lakhs

Sr. No. Name of Equipment
Model & Make Cost of
Date of
1 Electronic consolidation apparatus HEICO 2,12,650.00 29.08.02 Experimental work, and training to students
2 Electronic direct shear Apparatus HEICO 1,82,00.00 29.08.02
3 Automatic soil compaction Machine with Moulds HEICO 99,716.00 29.08.02 For consultancy work and higher efficiency in practical work.
5 Electronic Balances ATCO-6 MICRO-2 1,40,735.00 29.08.02 For multipurpose laboratory work
6 Computers PENTIUM-III (2) 95,000.00 29.08.02  For multipurpose laboratory and departmental
  Total Cost 7,30,101.00    




This department has developed a Consultancy cell, which provides Consultancy in the field of Geotechnical Engineering, building construction, surveying & material testing etc. to various engineering and other departments. Civil Engineering Department of Mehr Chand Polytechnic, Jalandhar has signed M.O.U with many construction firms / Architect offices to enable the students to have a practical training in the field along with the knowledge of design office.


S.No.   Name of Consulting agency        Type work / Test       Date
1. D.A.V.Institute of Engineering & Technology, Jalandhar Conc. Cubes, Brick Testing, Aggregate Testing 07-02-2001
2. Subdivisional Engineer B&R      Jalandhar Conc. Cubes 06-02-2001
4. Aakar Associates (Regd.) Jalandhar Comp. Stregth of Cement 21-05-2001
5. Paramjit Singh Contractors Bricks Testing, Conc. Cube Testing 12-07-2001
6. Sub Divisional Engineer Punjab Mandi Board, Jalandhar Sieve Analysis and Fineness Modulus 05-09-2001
7. Sub Divisional Engineer, R&B  Sub Divisional Jalandhar cant, Plasticity Index of Soil 10-09-2001
8 Assistant Engineer Punjab Mandi Board Jalandhar D.B.D of Soil 09-10-2001
9. Sub Divisional Engineer Prov. Sub Divisional -1 Comp. Strength of Cubes 05-09-2002
10. Sub Divisional Engineer B&R, Sub Divisional Jalandhar Cant. Comp. Strength  of Cubes 09-09-2002
11. M/S Sutlej Motors Ltd. Testing of Welded Samples 11-11-2002
12. Sehgal Sons Jalandhar O.M.C. and MDD of Soil Sample 04-12-2002
13. Sub Divisional Engineer Punjab Mandi Board Jalandhar Cube Testing 30-07-2003
14. Assistant Trust Engineer Improvement Trust Phagwara Comp. Strength of Cube 05-08-2003
15. Sub Divisional Engineer Central Works Sub Division no.1,PWD B&R Jalandhar Sieve Analysis, Atterberg Limits, OMC Test, CBR Values 16-12-2003
16. Dayanand Ayurvedic College Jalandhar Supervision of Girls Hostel 18-07-2003
17. Sub Divisional Engineer
Mandi Board
Comp. Strength of Cube 28-04-2004
18. Sub Divisional Engineer
Drainage Sub Division
Nawan Shehar
Brick & Soil Testing 21-07-2004
19. Punjab Mandi Board
Cement Tile Testing 06-08-2004
20. Punjab Mandi Board Kapurthala Concrete Cubes Testing 24-09-2004
21 Punjab Mandi Board
Soil Testing & Brick Testing 24-08-2004
22 Punjab Mandi Board
Concrete Cubes Testing 21-12-2004
23 Tata Tele Services Ltd. Concrete Cubes Testing 30-12-2004
24 SDE Jalandhar Cantt.
Const. Sub Divison No. 4
Soil Testing 18-01-2005
25 Tata Tele Services Ltd.
Cement Concrete Cube testing 19-01-2005
26 Hind Samachar & Punjab Kesri Inspection of Roof Level 14-02-2005
27 The Tribune Testing of Bricks 24-03-2005
28. Satnam Agro Project, Partapra Bearing Capacity & Water Testing 4-05- 2005
29. Ansal Township & Land Development Steel Testing 22-07-2005
30. Gas Project India Pvt. Ltd., Bombay Aggregate & Sand 23-11-2005
31. F.C. Sondhi & Co. Plane Table Surveying & Leveling 19-12-2005
32. M/s Grover Suri & Associate Steel and Cube testing 1-02-2006
33. M/s Kulwant Singh & Associates Plane Tabling 23-02-2005

It was envisaged that the employment in government/public sector undertaking is dwindling day by day. Keeping in view, the present scenario in the field of Civil Engineering:

1. Wage employment in public sector / private construction Companies / Boards / Corporation deptt.
2. Wage employment in Service sector are repair and maintenance of buildings and their upkeep like estate offices, hotels.
3. Wage employment in military Engg. services in banks, Municipal corporations and committee, Panchyati Raj.
4. Testing Laboratories
5. Self employment opportunities;
  . Small Building Contractors
  . Public Health, plumbing and water supply installations Contracts
  . White washing, Distempering, Repair and maintenance of Building / renovations.
  . Specialized Flooring.
  . Anti termite treatment
  . Aluminum and other partitions jobs.
  . Construction material supplier/marketing.
  . Preparation of municipal drawings
  . Estimating and costing jobs.
  . Surveyor / loss assessment / valuation of buildings.


Dr. Rajeev Bhatia 

HOD Civil Engineering


Civil Engineering Department
Mehr Chand Polytechnic College,


+91 9815840958